Mermaid in five steps

For Mermay month I created this little cutie losing a particular piece of her wardrobe.

  1. I started with the basics by sketching with a blue pencil. I then used a darker color to make the definitive drawing.
  2. After that, I started on all the highlights with a white pencil. These will become more subtle while layering with other colors.
  3. Then it’s time to start the layering. I use a couple of different peach tones for her skin. I like color contrasts, because they create a stronger image.
  4. When I’m satisfied with the color layers, I start inking the linework with a black brush marker. I build my entire illustration like this.
Mermaid step 1
Mermaid step 2
Mermaid step 3
Mermaid step 4

When I’m done, I add strong highlights with titanium white acrylic paint. Then add some bubbles, because of course, she lives under water. And done!

She was created with Prismacolor pencils, black marker and white acrylic paint on toned Strathmore paper.

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