Image use

All images and products created by Saskia Saers, whether they be digital or hardcopy, are the possession of ©Saskia Saers. Saskia Saers owns the copyright. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce images/products without the express permission of Saskia Saers. No commercial use (for profit use) allowed without written agreement, or signed licensing agreement with Saskia. Companies interested in licensing or selling Saskia’s artwork, please contact Saskia directly.

Saskia’s work may not be reproduced or distributed contrary to her terms of usage.

If you want to use images of Saskia’s artwork, please read the following carefully. It is allowed to use images of Saskia’s artwork in limited manner on personal websites, with full copyright acknowledgement, website link to either or and in an unaltered manner. It is not allowed to use Saskia’s artwork for websites with offensive content. Before placing Saskia’s artwork images on your personal website, you are obliged to ask Saskia permission. Saskia Saers reserves the right to decline or revoke permission of usage without giving a specific reason.

If you see Saskia’s artwork for sale anywhere without credit or copyright acknowledgement, or you see her artwork on personal websites, please contact Saskia Saers directly. They may be placed or on sale legitimately, but reports are always welcome.

Saskia reserves the right to change these terms at any time. By using Saskia’s images, you consent to these terms of usage.

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