Sea Symphony work in progress

We have moved to ‘s Gravendeel some months ago, and our living room is still wanting something hanging on the wall.

Right now I’m working on my largest piece ever. Some say that the look of a white canvas is daunting. I don’t agree. I knew exactly what I want the painting to look like.

She will be featuring one of my big-eyed girls as a mermaid, with her hair being the ocean. She will be holding a nautilus shell, from which bubbles will spring, that will change into musical notes, and part of a certain composition.

In this painting I will combine three main things. My love for big eyes, our beach house theme with the mermaid and her sea hair, and my husband’s love for music.

I’m painting this with oil paints on canvas.

Of course the final painting will have some differences from the ikage I have in my head. This will be the result of improvising. Like for instance, at first I thought only of the bubbles. Them changing into musical notes came later on.

I’m also still thinking of throwing some fish into it as well. We’ll see…

Christmas Friends

Each year I create our own Christmas card. This time I wanted some forest friends to be in the mix.

This cute little Christmas elf and her friends were created with Prismacolor pencils and black marker on toned Strathmore paper.

And here’s the end result:

Getting back on track

It’s been such a hectic couple of months, that I’ve hardly had a chance to draw and paint. 

This is one of those pieces that seem to scream ‘finish me!’ at me.

Aspirations it’s called, and this is just the underpainting. Needless to say who or what she’s aspiring to become…

Acrylic underpainting on canvas.

Ostara & Beltane

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy 😊

I’ve been working two jobs these last few months, so that left me little time to paint.

However, I did manage to finish two pieces of my Wiccan Sabbats series, Ostara and Beltane.

So here they are. These lovelies were created with acrylics on wood panel.  


New paintings in the making

Yay, I finished my painting called Embracing Dragons, and I really like how she turned out.

Embracing Dragons

I’m glad I made a concept sketch beforehand. I used different colors there, ‘more standard’, which I probably wouldn’t have realized if I hadn’t gone through that process. With these colors I think she really pops.

The thought behind this painting: you can try and battle your problems, or you can embrace them and try to learn from them.

Then a little illustration I did called Starcatcher. She was created with watercolor and Prismacolor pencils on coffee stained Arches watercolor paper.


This was the first time I painted a galaxy kind of background, and I must say, this also turned out well 🙂

I’m thinking of creating a zodiac series with the same sort of background. (if I ever find the time…)

Right now I’m working two small projects. The first is White Rabbit. A little Alice/White Rabbit mash-up, based on the  doodle I did in my Daily Sketch Journal. This will be an acrylics on wood painting.


The second is another illustration on Arches watercolor paper. This one will be called ‘Come with me into the woods’. I hope to finish this one tonight, so I can move on with my White Rabbit, and a new painting in my series of Wiccan Sabbats.


Busy busy busy…

And there’s my Daily Sketch Journal which keeps getting fuller. If you’re a doodler/artist/hobbyist/etc. I highly recommend this daily practice. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned in these last four months since I started keeping this journal.

Here are some of the last sketches I did and liked the best. For the complete list press the link above.


This journal really helped me getting my sketching/painting groove back. It’s so nice to just sit and flick through it sometimes.

Ow, the little woolen dragons you see in the picture above, are also of my making…

I hope to be posting many new and finished projects soon! I hope to see you on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or in my Etsy store!

Imbolc, Embracing Dragons & D.S.J.

In my last post I completely forgot to mention that I also managed to paint my second painting in my series of Wiccan Sabbats. I started with Yule in December, and I finished Imbolc on February 2nd; the day of Imbolc.

Imbolc met watermerk

Imbolc marks the start of Spring, when everything starts to grow, and the sun begins to shine stronger.

The next one will be Ostara, also known as Easter.

Furthermore my Daily Sketch Journal becomes less empty every day. I just updated my D.S.J. gallery, so if you want to check all the sketches I did so far, go there or check my Instagram @saskiafrankensaers.

DSK februari
Daily Sketches

Some of my last added sketches you see here. These are some of my favorites. Like the Goblin King from Labyrinth, aka David Bowie, on the sad news of his passing.

Also, my sketch of my later Imbolc painting in the middle. And I hope to create a larger version of my sketch of Alice.

Portraits are also great pastimes. I’m a big fan of the new tv show Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis. I like his devilish grin here (right bottom sketch). They couldn’t have chosen a better actor to play this part in my opinion.

But right now I’m working on a large version of Embracing Dragons. It started with my daily sketch, depicted above (middle row on the left), and after that I created a concept sketch with colored pencils.

FullSizeRender (39)
Embracing Dragons concept sketch

But after finishing the color sketch, I really thought ‘been there, done that’ regarding the colors. I want this painting to really pop, so the actual painting will have very different colors indeed.

Right now I’m working on the first layers of oil paint. I started with an underpainting created with acrylics.

Embracing Dragons work in progress

This is the painting after two layers of oil paint. Many more to go. I will keep the painting in blues and whites, and only the eyes and the spikes on the dragons will be a completely different color. You get the idea.

This is a big painting. The same size as Compartmentalize, which is 60 x 70cm. So this might take a while before it’s finished.

Keep you posted!

Many more sketches

Since my last blogpost in November, I’ve been quite busy with my Daily Sketch journal. I must say it helped me so much with finding back the joy I had in sketching and painting. Because I’ve been struggling for several months.

The main reason is the passing of my mom in 2014. I found out in the last months that I really relied on my mom when it comes to painting and sketching. No matter what, I always knew my mom would be proud of me. With her passing, that basis was gone and with it for some time, my pleasure in painting.

Then in October, when we were on holiday in Florida, my husband bought me this Daily Sketch journal. I started on November 2nd. And you will see in my D.S.J. gallery by those first sketches, very hesitantly.

Blog daily sketches
Some of my Daily Sketches

But with time moving on, I persisted in creating one sketch a day. Some would only take a couple of minutes, others would take up 45 minutes. But I kept on going with it.

And now, after a little over two months, I can happily say I regained the pleasure I always felt when I have a pencil or a brush in my hand.

I still keep my daily sketch journal, but I have created several other pieces as well.

Blog spirit of winter
Spirit of Winter digital painting

Like my digital painting called the Spirit of Winter. He cloaks the world with his cape of snow. This painting served as our annual Christmas card.

I also painted Yule, based on one of the Wiccan Sabbats. I hope to create a whole series of them 🙂

Blog yule

Yule is now up for sale in my Etsy store!

During our holiday, I bought a box of Prismacolor colored pencils, after seeing and hearing so many good things about them on Instagram. I haven’t had much time to play with them yet, but I did create these illustrations of Padme & Princess Leia, and two Flapper girls.

Blog 1
Two Hearts, one Hairdo
Blog flapper girls
Flapper Girls illustrations

These illustrations can also be found in my Etsy store. They come in ornamental frames.

I must say that I like these pencils very much. They blend beautifully. So all the positive reviews weren’t exaggerated 🙂

Now with the new year started fresh, I thought it was time to reflect on the pieces I did last year (2015), en put my favorite nine together.

Blog favorite 9
Favorite Nine of 2015

Four of the pieces shown here have a personal meaning in regards to my mom, which is of course no wonder. Although I did not create as many things as I would have liked in 2015, I am very proud of the ones I did create. And I’m also very proud of how I got my groove back. Although I’m still very saddened by my loss sometimes, it doesn’t control my entire being anymore.

And with that note it’s time to show you my first painting of 2016. It’s still a work in progress. Right now I’m working on the underpainting. This is a 60x60cm. canvas. Quite a big piece, so it will take some time to finish. But I hope to post some work-in-progress pictures in the meantime.

If you’re reading this, then best wishes to you in this new year, and thank you for taking the time to read my story.



Blog wip Compartmentalize
Compartmentalize work in progress

Something new

After Brown Eyed Susan I have been very busy with a commissioned piece. It was something very different from what I usually paint. And that’s okay! I like stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time. I think that by experimenting, you learn the most of what works for you. And sometimes it even teaches you that you could perhaps rock this other style.

I’m happy to say that my customers were very happy with their painting.

They were looking for a colorful piece of art to brighten up their seating area, and they wanted a part of the carpet pattern to be represented in the painting. Hence the stripe and dot pattern at the bottom.

My customers are happy, and that makes me happy as well!

I liked this style so much, that I’ve been experimenting with it some more. Now in combination with a realistic touch. This is a tiny treasure of 10x10cm.

And after that I found that it was time to rearrange my Etsy shop. I’ve been updating it this last week, and am still adding pieces. If you want to take a look, check my Etsy store StarlaneArt

And right now I’m working on this surrealistic piece. I just put on the first layers of acrylics. Many layers to go…

I can’t wait to see the finished painting, so on I go! Have a great weekend everybody!

Brown Eyed Susan

Do you know that feeling? When you finally tackled something difficult?

I had that feeling today, when I was drawing this sketch for Brown Eyed Susan, the second in my series of Charmkins inspired illustrations.

I wanted her to look like she’s pulling you into the drawing. But drawing that kind of perspective is something I still struggle with. Today however, I was completely in the Zone, and I was finally able to grasp it.

Lots of work to be done of course, especially with the finer details, but I’m stoked already! 


Bride of FrankenSaers

In January, I created this black and white pencil drawing called FrankenSaers. Franken-Saers being my ‘new’ name ever since I married Paul, is only a couple of letters away from Frankenstein. Hence the whole bride thing.


Now I decided to make my January pencil drawings into digital colored ones. I finished New Orleans last week, and now it was time to start with ‘the Bride’.

This is only a work in progress, nowhere near finished. But I like how she’s coming together. I changed the hairdo, because who likes a bad hairday? She’s becoming alive…alive!!!

Work in progress Bride of FrankenSaers
Work in progress Bride of FrankenSaers

It all started with Walt & Oswald…

Ever since I was little, I have been a huge fan of (almost) everything Disney.

When I was 9 years old, my parents took me and my brother to Disneyland Anaheim. Within minutes after entering the park, I was being hugged by Chip and Dale. Let me tell you, when you’re that age, and something like that happens, you’re hooked.

And although my love for Disney has much matured since then, I still get that same old happy feeling when watching a Disney movie, or when I see new Disney items entering my store. Or when I’m painting Disney…

That’s right. I like painting portraits, and I always wanted to portray one of my creative heroes. Uncle Walt himself.

This will eventually be a triptyrch. The left panel will represent Disney characters from the earlier days, the right panel the more recent ones. And the center panel represents the ones who started the whole Disney legacy: Walt, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.

Here’s a sneak peek of the center panel.


the ones that started it all

Zevende Hemel

Work-in-progress: Zevende Hemel or Seventh Heaven.
This is only part of a large piece of 50x100cm.
Right now I’m working with acrylics, but I will finish off the painting with oil paint.
Though that will not be for a while. Still lots and lots to do…IMG_1709.JPG

Sneak peek: Ladies of the Ribbons

It’s been a while, but I finally had time to sit down and get busy with another painting. This is a sneak peek of my Ladies of the Ribbons.
It will be painted completely with acrylics on masonite.


Afger a couple of weeks of painter’s block, I’m happy to say that inspiration is flowing back!
Today I started with my new painting which will be called Steampunk Queen. My model is our own queen Maxima.
Very much looking forward to finishing this piece!


Work-in-progress: Ribbonette Grey

It’s been a while since my last Ribbonette illustration, but today I picked up where I left off.


Ribbonette Grey will be the fifth installment in my series of Ribbonettes for cancer awareness series.
She depicts brain cancer.

My Zazzle store update

These last few days I’ve been very busy with the long needed update of my Zazzle store. Due to lack of time I hadn’t updated my store for almost a year, and since I was quite productive in that period, I had a lot of work on my hands.

But now I’m quite happy with the update. I added greeting cards, pillows, Iphone covers, keychains and buttons, and most of these products can be customized to your liking!

Interested in my artwork? Then have a look at my Zazzle Store, and maybe you’ll find exactly what you want or need: