Sea Symphony work in progress

We have moved to ‘s Gravendeel some months ago, and our living room is still wanting something hanging on the wall.

Right now I’m working on my largest piece ever. Some say that the look of a white canvas is daunting. I don’t agree. I knew exactly what I want the painting to look like.

She will be featuring one of my big-eyed girls as a mermaid, with her hair being the ocean. She will be holding a nautilus shell, from which bubbles will spring, that will change into musical notes, and part of a certain composition.

In this painting I will combine three main things. My love for big eyes, our beach house theme with the mermaid and her sea hair, and my husband’s love for music.

I’m painting this with oil paints on canvas.

Of course the final painting will have some differences from the ikage I have in my head. This will be the result of improvising. Like for instance, at first I thought only of the bubbles. Them changing into musical notes came later on.

I’m also still thinking of throwing some fish into it as well. We’ll see…

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