Rip Debbie

It was such a shock to hear of Carrie Fisher’s passing. My husband and I were both brought up watching the Star Wars movies, and we were both thrilled to see her reprise her role of Princess Leia in the Force Awakens.

And then the news came…

and then even more sad news, about how her mother Debbie Reynolds’ heart being broken by the death of her daughter, and wanting to be with her again.

Singing in the rain has always been one of my favorite musicals, and I can’t count the times I watched that movie. Debbie was only nineteen at the time, with no tapdance experience whatsoever.  So for her to take on such a role, is a hell of a an achievement.

I thought it only fitting to create an illustration featuring Debbie as Kathy Seldon, when she pops out of the cake in front of Gene Kelly.

She was created with prismacolor pencils, black marker and white acrylic paint on toned Strathmore paper.

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