New paintings in the making

Yay, I finished my painting called Embracing Dragons, and I really like how she turned out.

Embracing Dragons

I’m glad I made a concept sketch beforehand. I used different colors there, ‘more standard’, which I probably wouldn’t have realized if I hadn’t gone through that process. With these colors I think she really pops.

The thought behind this painting: you can try and battle your problems, or you can embrace them and try to learn from them.

Then a little illustration I did called Starcatcher. She was created with watercolor and Prismacolor pencils on coffee stained Arches watercolor paper.


This was the first time I painted a galaxy kind of background, and I must say, this also turned out well 🙂

I’m thinking of creating a zodiac series with the same sort of background. (if I ever find the time…)

Right now I’m working two small projects. The first is White Rabbit. A little Alice/White Rabbit mash-up, based on the  doodle I did in my Daily Sketch Journal. This will be an acrylics on wood painting.


The second is another illustration on Arches watercolor paper. This one will be called ‘Come with me into the woods’. I hope to finish this one tonight, so I can move on with my White Rabbit, and a new painting in my series of Wiccan Sabbats.


Busy busy busy…

And there’s my Daily Sketch Journal which keeps getting fuller. If you’re a doodler/artist/hobbyist/etc. I highly recommend this daily practice. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned in these last four months since I started keeping this journal.

Here are some of the last sketches I did and liked the best. For the complete list press the link above.


This journal really helped me getting my sketching/painting groove back. It’s so nice to just sit and flick through it sometimes.

Ow, the little woolen dragons you see in the picture above, are also of my making…

I hope to be posting many new and finished projects soon! I hope to see you on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or in my Etsy store!

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