My Daily Sketch journal 

Hi everyone! Greetings from my holiday address in wonderful, sunny and warm Florida. I’ve been here for two weeks and as always, I hate the idea of leaving on Thursday…

Our first day here, my husband gave me this wonderful present. A Daily Sketch journal. I’m so happy with it! These last few months I got so caught up in work, that I didn’t allow myself the time to sit down and sketch or paint. This little journal will help me to do just that! 

Every night for the last 13 days I sat down and sketched something that crossed my mind or my path that day. Already this book is starting to become a very diverse collection of little sketches. 

Here are some of my sketches so far.

I’m posting every sketch on my Instagram account at the end of the day. Do you want to keep up with my daily sketches? Then follow me @saskiafrankensaers

I hope to see you there. Love, Saskia

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