In loving memory

Last year today we had to say goodbye to my mother. She battled cancer for two years but, like many others, lost.

When she was first diagnosed with colon cancer, the doctors were very optimistic. She would have the tumor removed, and have a series of chemo. For a while she seemed to make progress.

However, after about six months, it turned out the cancer had spread. And from that moment on it slowly got worse. How my mom managed to remain positive while receiving blow after blow, I still don’t know. But I’ve never been so proud of her as I have been in the last two years of her life.

Shortly before my mom received the news that the doctors couldn’t do anything for her anymore, they told us that after more research on the removed tumor, it turned out my mom had the recently discovered and aggressive KRAS gen.

Unfortunately, recently discovered also means that there hadn’t been done much research yet, and my mom was excluded from the one trial treatment there was at the time, because of the fact that she’d had surgery a year and a half before.

Of course there’s no telling if the trial would have saved her life, or maybe would have bought her more time. All I know is that a year has passed, and we are making memories without my mother.

Yesterday my grandmother, my mother’s mother, celebrated her 98th birthday. What to give to such an old lady who has lost so many people already, and now also lost her daughter?

The Missing Piece
The Missing Piece

After finishing the Missing Piece, this was my next painting. A portrait of my mother in happier times, as a gift to my grandmother. She was very happy with it.

Mia Saers
Mia Saers

I love and miss you mom….

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