A busy week…

Wow, this last week was overloaded…

I was able to start and finish two projects, and started with a third.

My first project was Brown Eyed Susan, of which I posted works-in-progress. I just finished, and I’m so happy with the result! Just Susan’s sunny smile makes me want to smile as well. Limited edition prints will soon be available!

Here’s a progression picture of Brown Eyed Susan.

Brown Eyed Susan progression
Brown Eyed Susan progression

A larger version of the final illustration can be found in my digital art portfolio.


Then there’s this friend of mine, who is absolutely crazy about Sailor Moon. So I decided, as a birthday gift, to customize a pair of black sneakers with his blonde heroine.

First I sketched the pictures on the sneakers with a pencil. And after that, I started painting with my acrylics, the same way I always do, with the exception that this was another type of canvas.

Here’s how the sneakers look when finished.

Sailor Moon sneakers
Sailor Moon sneakers

I can happily say that the receiver was overjoyed 🙂

And then there’s my third project. A commissioned piece which I’m working on right now. You can see part of it on the picture with the sneakers, where it served as a beautiful background.

This is another kind of painting than what I’m used to, but I kinda like stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time.

Keep posted for more works-in-progress to come!

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