Finished pieces: Ladies of the Ribbons and Erica

These last months have been very busy. Paul and I have been busy organizing our wedding, and that took up a lot of time. Fun times though…

So I didn’t even have time to post my finished pieces. The first one is my Ladies of the Ribbons, of which I showed a sneak peek in my last post. I worked differently with this piece than the paintings before. Before I painted the greys first, and glazed the colors onto it. With Ladies of the Ribbons I worked in color directly, mixing the shadows and highlight. The result is a bright colored painting, which I’m very proud of.

It depicts the Three Fates. The first one spins the ribbon, the second holds it, and the third cuts it. Symbolic for life.

Ladies of the Ribbons
Ladies of the Ribbons

Ladies of the Ribbons was painted with acrylics on gesso board.

Then I got a request a couple of weeks back, from a lovely lady who asked me if I could create a Ribbonette for her. She specifically requested Ribbonette Grey for brain cancer awareness, because it has special meaning to her.

I was honored by her request, and added some personal details in the illustration. I actually like this one better than the original, probably because it’s so personal.


Thank you Erica for sharing your story!

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