What’s next?

Anyone familiar with the term ‘painter’s block’?

I wasn’t, until now. I don’t know how and why, but these last few weeks I have suffered from an enormous lack of inspiration when it comes to painting. Maybe because of all the wedding planning I’m in right now (yes, my own wedding…yay!!!). Or maybe because there are just so many other things that require my attention.

Sometimes I would like life to be simpler. Then I get this huge desire of living in the woods in a cottage, without any smartphones, computers and all that stuff. Or on a tropical island, it depends on the weather here in the Netherlands I guess.

I did however finish a painting last night. I cannot show it yet, because it has to do with our wedding, so if you’re interested, just get back within a couple of months…;-)

I do hope this painter’s block ends shortly….Does anyone have tips how to deal with it?

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