A new year, and several new projects

First of all, best wishes to you for this new year!

After a week of chilling out and do as little as possible, this week was the time to start with and finish off a couple of projects. I still attend art class, and right before the holidays, I started with this watercolor painting of a statue of Mary and baby Jesus, which was in the art studio, and which I liked very much. I don’t know what it is. Maybe because my grandfather was an apparitor in a catholic church here in Rotterdam, and I have some very fond memories of me and my brother helping him sort things, and putting out the candles after mass when we were little.

Maybe it’s because of the serenity that surrounds them. Anyway, this particular statue is a very old one, and somehow it spoke to me. So I started out with some studies in charcoal of her pose and face, and after that I started with the actual painting.

Here you see her when I was actually pretty far ahead. After drawing her with pencil, I started with the background. I used a lot of blues and greens there because they amplify the reds and orange in her dress.

mariabeeld work in progress 1It’s always the best way to work from the back to the front when you’re making a watercolor painting. Just think about it like this: it’s easier when you make a mistake in the background and put a layer of paint on it, then if you’ve completely finished the subject in the front, start working on the background and accidentally dropping paint on your completely finished and awesome frontwork. That’s the moment when you really want to kick yourself. (believe me, I know…)

mariabeeld work in progress 3


Here you see the painting with the actual statue in the background behind it. As you can see I did not make an exact replica. That’s the freedom of the artist. (although of course Mary’s dress is red and blue, like she’s always depicted)

Right now the actual painting is finished, but in my next art class I will put in some details with gold foil. Exciting, because that will be my first time working with gold foil.

Furthermore, I’m also working on this illustration which will be called Heavy Heart. I was just doodling around last weekend, and there she was, this sweet but melancholy girl. I will go ahead with her the same way I did with my Ribbonettes. So lots of coffee (for painting, not drinking…coffee blegh), and a little pencil and acrylic paint.

Heavy Heart
Heavy Heart


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