New “the Scientist” painting

This week I was able to finish a commissioned piece called ‘the Scientist’, a steampunk themed painting. The person who requested this piece liked my last steampunk painting Time Traveler so much, that he wanted me to make another one. Because I never make exact copies I told him beforehand that this piece would have the same feel and style, but it would be different from Time Traveler as well.

And here she is:

the Scientist

The idea behind this painting is a lady scientist researching time portals. She comes across one, and finds herself in Egypt. She was painted with acrylic paint on gesso board.

If you would like to know more on how this painting came to be, please check my tutorials page!

Then on with some other news: In my last post I mentioned the publication of my painting ‘Secret of the Shell’ on the cover of the Rejected Quarterly magazine. 

The Rejected Quarterly’s website was recently renewed, and now you can find my cover art on their homepage! If you’re curious to this magazine, and would like to purchase a copy, simply go to You will find all the information on their site.

Furthermore, I will finish another commissioned piece this week. Keep posted on clay dragon #3, which does not have a name yet. After finishing my dragon, I will move on and try to create an elf figure. Can’t wait!

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