Ribbonette Pearl White is now finished!

In my last post the first illustration in my series of Ribbonettes was pictured. That was Ribbonette Dark-Blue, which stands for colon cancer awareness. It was the first one I created in this series, because someone very close to me is battling the effects of this type of cancer.

The second one is a type of cancer that is one of the types that statistically claims the most casualties here in the Netherlands: lung cancer. The color for this type of cancer is Pearl White.

Ribbonette Pearl White

Right now I’m working on yet another piece in this series, which is Ribbonette Orange I for kidney cancer. It will be called Orange I because the color orange also stands for another type: leukaemia, which will become another piece in the future.

I’m thinking of approaching our local Hospital which treates cancer patients, and see if there is some way to raise some money for cancer research through these illustrations.

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