Works-in-progress: Ribbonettes and Goldie

Lately I started to notice something. And that something is that everywhere you look, you see pink ribbons.

And that’s more than okay by me, but there are also so many other forms of cancer which you almost never hear about, at least not when it comes to the ribbons belonging to them. Did you know that the dark-blue ribbon stands for colon cancer, the grey ribbon for brain cancer and orange for kidney cancer?

There are so many forms of cancer out there, and so many, many people suffering from them each and every day, it seems a bit strange to me that you mostly only hear of certain ribbons.

That, and the fact that someone very close to me is battling the effect of colon cancer, inspired me to start creating a series of illustrations regarding the several ribbon colors and their meaning. This is a work-in-progress of Ribbonette Dark-blue.

Ribbonette Dark-Blue
Ribbonette Dark-Blue

This is only the black and white sketch. Next I’ll put in some color with coffe, pencils and acrylic paint. These illustrations will belong with my Puppets of Circumstance series. The main idea behind this series is circumstances you cannot control, no matter how much you want to.

Now, on a more positive note, my other work-in-progress is my second polymer clay dragon named Goldie. Right now I’m in the process of painting her in a golden yellow. I hope to finish this little dragon this week, but we’ll see…

Goldie clay dragon
Goldie clay dragon
Work-in-progress Goldie
Work-in-progress Goldie

And here are the completed pieces:

Goldie collage

Ribbonette Dark-Blue
Ribbonette Dark-Blue

So nice if you have time to sit down and just finish something. Last night was such a night, and I was able to finish both Ribbonette Dark-Blue and Goldie. I’m very proud of both pieces, and I can’t wait to start working on my next piece!

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