Sometimes I get inspired by a news item. This painting was one of those moments. Recently it was in the Dutch news that a wolf had been found within our borders. Sadly, the wolf had passed away, after (probably) been hit by a car. Researchers suspect that the she-wolf had found her way to the Netherlands all the way from Russia. Amazing how far she came, and all the more sad it is that her journey ended like this. It was big news indeed for Holland, because the last wild wolf to be seen here was all the way back in 1869. I myself am glad that this beautiful animal is seemingly coming back to this area, because over the last months, several people have reported sightings of wolves. Back to my painting. It’s my idea of a welcome back to the wolf in the Netherlands, and my hope that the wolf will be protected. Therefor it was only right to add this piece to my Guardian series. Guardian of Wolves watermerk She was painted with acrylics on paper. This is the third installment in my Guardian series. I plan to create a portrait of her as well, in the same style as Time Traveler and Secret of the Shell. I love wolves…

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