Everybody meet Chubby!

Painting will always be my passion. When I paint, I can sometimes be completely oblivious to the world around me (which sometimes is a blessing indeed). But these last weeks I have been a bit disturbed by sort of a painter’s block, probably because I have a lot going on in my life right now. So what did I do? I turned to clay this last week.

Ever since our last holiday, when I bought this box of clay and some tools, it’s been laying around, waiting for me. I had this idea for quite some time now, to try and create my dragons in 3D. And last week it seemed like a good moment to start.

The last time I worked with clay was about 17 years ago (omg, I’m getting old), when I was in high school. But the idea of clay dragons started when I was fortunate to meet sculptor Rubén Procopio a couple of years back. He was in the Netherlands at that time, and he would present a sculpting workshop in my store. I watched him turn a lump of clay and some wire into a beautiful head of Disney’s Belle. After the workshop he took the time to take a look at my artwork, and he said that it would be great to see some of those paintings in 3D. But I always feel like some things should only happen when the time is right. And the time for working with clay finally arrived last week.

I started out with some aluminum foil for the head, and just started putting clay on it, and working with my tool set. After some time I had this head.

Chubby headI thought it actually looked kind of cool, and continued with the body, for which I also used foil, and some wire.

chubby work in progress 2

Lastly, I made the wings, and started adding the last details, like adding relief to create a dragonlike skin.  Not bad for a first time, if I may say so myself. Baking it was a stressful 10 minutes. I would have hated to throw my dragon away because I overbaked. But fortunately, it turned out great.

chubby work in progress 4chubby work in progress 3

Finally, time for painting it. I used red, white and blue acrylics, and finished it off with a little black, yellow and mother-of-pearl paint.

There he is after 13 hours of hard but rewarding work: Chubby!

chubby work in progress 5

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