Secret of the Shell and some other news

I had so much fun creating Time Traveler, that I wanted to create another fantasy portrait. It’s been such a while since creating my first and last mermaid (Siren’s Spell), that I wanted this portrait to be one of a mermaid.

Secret of the Shell

As you know, mermaids usually are beautiful and very aware of that fact. That’s why this mermaid shows a bit of attitude, arrogance if you will. Only she knows the secret of the Nautilus shell, and if you want her to share her secret with you, be prepared to pay her with your life, and follow her to the deep of the ocean.

She was painted with acrylics on 9″x12″ inch (22,5 x 30,5cm) gesso board. You can also check her in my portfolio, together with most of my fantasy related art pieces. Soon she will be for sale in my webshop,, as well as limited edition art prints of her.

These art prints are printed with pigment ink on eco-friendly 300 gms sugar cane paper. They are of museum quality, and come together with a certificate of authenticity.

On a different note, this weekend I got a blast from the recent past by selling my art piece of Moon. Of course I already drew and painted before creating Moon, but with her my passion for painting fantasy really took flight. So because of that Moon will always have a special meaning to me. This weekend she got a new owner. I thought I might be a bit sad to see her go, but in fact, I was thrilled. Thrilled that there is someone else (besides family and friends) who thinks she is so special, that he only wanted the original. I’m glad she has found a new home, and hope her buyer will enjoy this painting for a very long time.



Then, I also have the news that the ketogenic diet cookbook by dieticians of the Erasmus MC Rotterdam and the UMC Utrecht hospitals, finally came out. I did a series of (non-fantasy) illustrations and the cover art for this cookbook, and I daresay, I’m proud of the result. I hope that families with ketogenic dietary needs will enjoy it! You can check out the illustrations for this book by selecting portfolio – non-fantasy art – other projects.

So you see, sometimes everything happens all at once. I just keep doing what I like doing the most (next to spending time with my partner) which is painting fantasy art. Keep posted on my future artwork!

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