Finished artwork: Puppet of Economy and Government

This week I was finally able to finish my latest installment in my Puppets of Circumstance series. And here she is:

Puppet of Economy and Government:

Puppet of Economy and Government

Recently I noticed how the every discussion ended up with people complaining about the economy, and how taxes and fixed charges get higher and higher, how the bank managers managed to screw up, and how they seem to get away with it, while the regular citizen has to pay for those manager’s mistakes.

Unemployment levels keep rising, businesses are closing down, because people are scared of spending money right now (who can blame them). Health insurance becomes more expensive, and we get less benefits from it. The value of our pensions are decreasing, the budgetary deficit is increasing, and so on, and so on.

But still our prime minister says that everyone should start spending money again… (I would if I had his annual income)

Recently I got so sick and tired of it all, that I decided to put my feelings on canvas. I feel like somehow we are standing on a cliff, and the government and managers are pulling the strings. And somehow we let them, so in a way, maybe we are to blame ourselves. In other countries, people go out and demonstrate, but here (the Netherlands), everyone complains, but no one does anything about it.

My teacher at art class asked me if we could make a deal that the crisis would be over when I finished this piece. I would have liked to be able to make that deal, if I had anything to say about it…

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