Swan Market Arts & Crafts Fair

Yesterday I decided to apply for a booth at Swan Market, a local arts & crafts fair in Rotterdam, which has become a very popular event this last year.

This will be an exciting time, working toward the fair, printing out limited editions of my artwork, stowing them, thinking of how to display them, etc. etc. etc. And it will be held at such a great location: Museumpark! So it will be in the center of all the main museums in Rotterdam, like the Kunsthal, the Nature Historic Museum and the Boymans van Beuningen.

Last year was my first chance for exposure of my art at the Elf Fantasy Fair (has it been a year already??!), but because it was a booth free of charge, I wasn’t allowed to sell my art back then. This will be my first time ever!

So, if you’re in Rotterdam on May the 25th, please come and see for yourself what Swan Market has to offer! You can get more information on the event and upcoming Swan Markets at http://www.swanmarket.nl (it’s a multilingual website). Hope to see you there!

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