Works-in-progress: Otters and an unnamed vampire lady

Last Sunday, I was just flipping through a photo album, when I stumbled upon an image of a peacock I took several years back. It was the pose that inspired me. First I was all set into creating a fairy painting with peacock feathers and such, but as I was sketching away, I gradually decided into creating a vampire based piece. (Hehe, how do you get from a peacock image to a vampire painting?!)work in progress vampire ladyAfter taking this picture, I added a couple of dead trees and an ornate graveyard fence. I will paint this one with acrylics. Can’t wait to continue.

But I also have another piece which I’m currently working on. Remember the art classes I’m attending? Well, after finishing the portrait called Fairy Friends, it was time for me to choose another subject to paint. Something I always wanted to do was paint a piece with otters. I love these playful little creatures. They are so cute! Did you know that an otter couple will hold hands while sleeping in the water?

Anyway, this month in National Geographic there was an article on otters, accompanied by some great photos (as always with NG). There was this image of a female otter and her two little ones. I really wanted to paint it. So in last night’s art class, I first took charcoal to draw the composition, and then I started painting away with my acrylics. After two and a half hours, this is what the painting looks like:

work in progress otters


There is still so much to be done here, but I already like what it looks like. I will continue on it coming Thursday night. Right now I’m adding more detail to the eyes, and I will start adding lighter shades of violet. The main focus will be on the otters’s heads. The background and the bodies will remain somewhat vague.

So, lots of stuff going on. Happy painting!


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