Christmas card

For the second year now, I sent a self created Christmas card to my friends and relatives. Last year was the first time I did this, and I got so many positive responses, that I decided to try and do this every year.

This year I actually sent out two different cards. The first one is my Steampunk Santa, which you can check out in my portfolio. The other one is Warm Memories, the watercolor painting I created recently.

Warm Memories dec 17

The theme – an elven lady who has her fondest memories captured in these orbs – seemed very appropriate for the occasion. Not only because the thought behind it was that no matter how cold and long winter is, her memories keep this fairy warm. But also because it has a positive note. Christmas and New Year’s Eve to me is all about ending the year with something positive, and to start the new year refreshed. There is enough negativity going on in the world, we can all do with some positivity!

Happy holidays everybody!

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