Painting Red Riding Hood fairy

Here’s a little tutorial of my latest piece called Red Riding Hood fairy. This piece was created with as little as five different colors: black, rose pink, yellow, blue, and liquid watercolors (ecoline; water based ink) red and black. Okay okay, so I used a bit of zinc white for the final touch ups.

I named her Red Riding Hood fairy because to me she resembles her very much with her cape-like wings. As usual, I started with drawing her. I used the image of a ballet dancer for her stance, because I wanted her to have that elegant look that ballet dancers always seem to have naturally. Then I used masking fluid (phew that smells) for the tree branches in the background. After the masking fluid was dry, I created two washings of black and pink watercolor paint to create the background.

When my pink and grey washings were dry, I removed the masking fluid. It already had this branchlike feel to it, but I wanted the branches to be more prominent, so I used black watercolor to create a very distinct shadow on the branches.

Next, I used black watercolor for her hair and the frame behind her. With pink, yellow and blue I created her skin tone, which I added next. Working with watercolor is great when you want shadow and highlights. Just add a couple of washings to add shadow, and leave the highlighted areas untouched. Use your paper.

For her eyes I mixed yellow and blue, for a lovely dark green color. After that, I used the masking fluid again, this time for her wings. After the fluid was dry, I added a washing of rose pink and yellow. To darken the parts that need darkening, I waited til the first washing was dry, and put on a new layer where I wanted shadow.

After that it was time to color her clothing. I first used rose pink and yellow for her dress, and added more layers of paint on the parts where I wanted shadow. After this, I used the red liquid watercolor on her lips, wings, dress, gloves and socks to really have her popping out of the painting.

While waiting for that layer to dry, I added some blush to her face with rose pink. But then I thought that the frame was sticking out to much, it didn’t blend with the overall picture. So I added a smaller frame inside the black one, using rose pink again. I darkened the edges of the black frame with black liquid watercolor. After that I used a bit of liquid red for the background. Some final touch ups with zinc white acrylic paint for her hair, eyes, lips, belt and corset strings, and we’re done!

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